Boston Show 11/14

Thanks!! Here at bleacher bar with ny wife come on over

I’ll be at House of Blues in like 15 mins

I’m by the don bronco merch. In a red and black flannel, Mike’s line sketch hat and I have a make Chester Proud flag

I’m by mikes merch. In a leather jacket near a guy with blue pants

I’m here now on the balcony, but also got a $5 floor ticket too so I can go anywhere haha. I’m in the Red Sox hoodie if anyone sees me

There is a lot with that here haha

Is anyone hanging out in any particular place? Not sure how to find everyone haha

Awesome show! Love how pumped up he was at the end


It was truly amazing!

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I’m sorry we couldn’t meet up. I got in later than I wanted.


That’s OK. I’m sorry, too, but I’m sure we will see each other some day! We live too close for that to never happen. What a fantastic night, though! So glad we were there for that.