BIG Thanks To Linkin Park

I just wanna say Thanks to linkin park for their new album, Living Things!
It’s Perfect, I’m an old school linkin park fan since hybrid theory, and one of the A Thousand Suns Hater! [smile] but Living Things /s Awesome!

[size=50]Thanks to LP[/size]


LP fan for life!

ATS is an acquired taste (I love it) but I know what you mean. LT is brilliant and perfect both right out of the gate. WOW.

I agree… I was not a huge fan of the last 2 albums but liked them as I like everything they do. But I think this one is up there with their first two albums and is going to take the world by storm.

I AGREE I LOVE LP FROM HYBRID THEORY TO LT they are just genius and SO unique i can’t describe how much i Respect them and their music THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD THAT I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART LIKE A SECOND FAMILY. LPFOR LIFE :slight_smile: