Best Sharpie to sign black guitar?

Getting my ESP F400-FM signed. It’s black. What should I use? What have you used before , and has it lasted?

The guys have 2 sharpies. A black and a white one so they can sign whatever you give them. I bet they’ll sign on it with their white one. Dunno if it’ll last tho. If you plan on framing your guitar then yeah it will, but if you plan on keep on playing it, it’ll fade out

Yeah, every member has a set of two markers. One is black and one is grey in the case that something that that they are signing is black and need to use grey for their signatures to be readable. Never have gotten any of my guitars signed so I can’t help you with that one. I’ve seen a lot of people get their guitars signed by the band however.

Use a SILVER sharpie they show up the best on dark objects and the color black :slight_smile: and yes my friends all use this when they get stuff signed from band members of any band. lol

tater tot

You are going to have to show us a pic of ur signed guitar, I wanna see anyway