Best Artist of LP Remixes


for me Xefuzion and zwierzproductions are amazing. They´ve been noticed of LP.

Waiting for the end (Zwierz)

Burning in the skies (Xefuzion)

Who´s your favorite?

I haven’t any favorite but those Xefuzion and zwierzproductions really are amazing :smiley: thanks for the links!

Id have to say Xefuzion, espcially his Waiting for the end remix!

Mike Shinoda remixing his own band’s song

I don`t know, if this here is the right topic for it, but I love a mix of What I’ve done and The Ransom (by Escape The Fate) .
I think this is a cool idea and the songs really fit together, so it sounds really great :slight_smile:
It can be found here

Well, I actually don’t like such remixes, but zwierz’s version of Issho Ni is very good, even though it sounds very different from the original.

i like remixed the catalyst by does it offend you yeah

zwierzproductions is the best for me. I love his Blackout remix.