Belgian Ambassador of LP

Hi fans of LP [cool]

I would like to ask if you would help me out.
I’m trying to become the Belgian Ambassador of LP.

It’s not a real job, it’s a contest in collaberation with our local radio station (StuBru) and LP.
The winner will be able to write his/her own blog, to experience the release of the new album and to meet LP at a concert in US! [surprised]

I’ve applied for the job - of course [biggrin]

So could you please go to my page and LIKE it
You can also SHARE it if you want [wink]


done :smiley: good luck!

done! go get’em, girl! :slight_smile:

Thanks to you both!

I hope other LP fans will do the same effort!

Done. Good luck! :slight_smile:


I would have thought more fans would be supportive…

Come one LP fans, suppert me by going to my page on facebook and LIKE it: