Battle of the Songs: What's Next News

You will also find cases where if you rip a CD, the final song is unusually longer in duration than the rest as a single file contains a gap of certain minutes before the hidden track appears. The purpose is probably to hide the song from a casual listener, just like the mid- and end- credit scenes in Marvel movies.

Eg: (I searched for a famous example) Nirvana’s bonus track Endless, Nameless makes the last song 10:30mins long.

Also, HIM’s Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666 has 56 silent tracks before the track66 begins. It was weird to see those many files in my folder :stuck_out_tongue:

@the_termin8r I can tell you it will deaf be ‘silence’ (Bad Joke, but I had a chuckle :slight_smile:)

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Yeap, indeed. FFAF has done it too. It;s amusing lol

It never happened but I honestly never looked for something to listen to. But it’s a rather small amount of time that I’m so deep into LP that I believe I can take it slowly and gradually also seek for side projects of the band members :slight_smile:

Ah ok. Hope you’ll listen to them one day, just to see what they can do outside of LP as individuals :wink: