Battle of the Songs: The Rising Tied Elimination Final Match


Here is the final round of elimination
The Top 4 of this round will be go through to the next Champions League
Since Now only 6 songs are left you can only vote for 2
You must vote for 2 songs or IT WILL NOT LET YOU VOTE

The Bottom 4 from Match 3:
Right Now
Red To Black (Not another one of my favs NOOOOOOOOOOO lol)

  • Remember The Name
  • Where’d You Go
  • Believe Me
  • Petrified
  • The Hard Way
  • Slip Out The Back

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I can’t believe Right Now is out :confused: That’s my fav on the album.

I bet RTN or WYG will win.


Me too. :frowning:


Not sure why Remember The Name is still in the list and Right Now is not.

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If there is any ties in the top 4 I will do face-offs

If it remains the way it is
RTN will face-off with SOTB for first and second
BM will face-off with P for third and fourth


Ohh Kenji is out(( That’s one of my FM favorites


RTN is definitely gonna win


so far a 3 way tie for fourth and 2 way tie for 2nd and 3rd, this could go to the wire

But it does look like RTN is going to win this