Battle of the Songs: Live Edition Champions League Group A


The group stages of Champions League kicks off with Group A

Only the top 2 can go through to the knockout phases

I want you to concider the song as it is played on the Live Albums and nothing else, not the studio version of the song or because you like the studio version, I want you to vote for the song because of the way its sung on the live album.

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

Match 1

  • No More Sorrow (R2R)
  • Faint (LiT)

0 voters

  • A Place For My Head (LiT)
  • Crawling (OMLL)

0 voters

Match 2

  • No More Sorrow (R2R)
  • A Place For My Head (LiT)

0 voters

  • Faint (LiT)
  • Crawling (OMLL)

0 voters

Match 3

  • No More Sorrow (R2R)
  • Crawling (OMLL)

0 voters

  • Faint (LiT)
  • A Place For My Head (LiT)

0 voters

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Holy shit Crawling from One More Light Live is winning all it’s matches



Well as it stands Crawling (OMLL) and A Place For My Head (LiT) will secure the first two spots

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mention this: all of these live songs are just great performances, but without the tragedy death of our beloved Chester, “Crawling” in this live version would not take so easily the lead against the others. Of course, Crawling will be for ever my #2 favorite song.

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Number 2 eh…so whats number 1

You missed out the first match

breaking the habit :heart::pray:t2:

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