Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory League Fixture 6

If OSC or APFMH won’t be Top 2 I’ll be surprised.

APFMH isn’t doing as well as I thought
But if results goes in its favour then it’s still possible

If things stay the way they are in terms of who is winning losing or drawing on this fixture it will change the challenge for top4 and the top spot
Because according to my Calculation ITE will top the table after this match if it beats Papercut and With You draws or loses

By Myself vs. APFMH was so hard!

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Wow already clocked up 12 votes for most of the polls

I want to take this time to thank you all for this game what it is
And supporting this game with you votes

It is you that drives me to do those games and hope i can keep delivering new ways to make it different


ot @acemasters, first day and 12 votations, great thing… I´ll blog it tomorrow the slogan is confessed right now, ok, so I´ll do right now…cya Buddy :sunglasses:

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there were probs with my Alert! There were problems with your submission !
Thatt´s my good nightcall, I hear it bye bye, sweet dreams at all lpu soldiers, today esp @matt Hugs cya alll tomorro, good night :sleeping:

Easiest one for me to choose so far, I think. Papercut is my favorite song, so I’m happy to see it on top so far :slightly_smiling:

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Polls Close Tomorrow

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Why did With You beat OSC???

No sign for APFMH to win this league. That’s my favorit one :sob:

Anything can happen in the 2nd half of the season
And don’t forget top 4 will go in a champions league

Can Forgotten secure it’s first point?!?

It won’t.

I can’t believe WY beat OSC by a long shot (60-40)

Either the underdog-voting is on, or the poles have changed places in this world. Either way…

Buddie, keep cool, maybe the standartsare setted new by becomming a larger number of voters?

ot @amitrish: don´t feel that way, let us enjoy another song from your “Golden Collection” btw I got infected by the “dead inside” from Muse, the vid, a REAL pleasure to enjoy, for me with this song their nailed it…imo

i only do them to hipe POA. not going so well

Some of these will come down to the wire

Polls close in 11-12hrs time

Make it count

me too, cause it´s so true. “You life what you´ve learned”, I did the same as you @Spelling_Mistake, nice to have you back inhere lol :sunglasses:

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Thank you. I think a lot of good music is already being shared here. I don’t need any special mention for that.

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ot I don´t get you, that´s to methaphoric for me at the moment to follow, been home after a nearly 12 hrs day and done…:dizzy_face: