Battle of the Films Final Results and next B.O.T


Like it! :star_struck:


This might be a bit too lengthy. I know you wont take my suggestion (like always), but how about battle of bands with actual songs to fight with.
Eg: We all suggest a song from a band. Two bands fight with that song, and the winner proceeds to the next round. BUT, the user who picked the band will now have to give a new song from the same band for next round. This way, not a single song, but a complete collection will battle. Also, not the mainstream popular bands/artists should be allowed.

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You mean like Battle of the Bands: Disturbed vs Slipknot

And pitch songs? @amitrish

Or give me an example so i have a better understanding

Oh hang on


Same example above


Say Disturbed (Land of Confusion) vs Slipknot (Wait & Bleed)

If Wait & Bleed wins it faces against a new Disturbed song!

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Fixture1 has Radiohead (Creep) vs Coldplay (Every tear is a waterfall). Radiohead wins.
Fixture2 has Muse (Hysteria) vs Iron Maiden (Trooper). Iron Maiden wins. Duh!
So in the next round, when Radiohead competes with any band from other fixtures, like IM from fixture2, the accompanying song cant be “Creep”.
It has to be a different song from the band. The user who voted for Radiohead will choose the next song.
It has another aspect as well. You would try to save the best for last, but you may have to use it before if the competing band is tougher.

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I like that idea

I’d change it to winner stays on instead of a tourney or league kinda thing

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See, you didnt take my idea.
If the winner stays, it is only one song competing with other songs. If the band stays but the song changes, it is a band’s competition. This has more wholesome approach.


No, I was going to us your idea but add my twist to it

E.g Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal vs S.O.A.D - Toxicity and AAF won
AAF would stay on and the song would change :smile::smile::smile:
So then it would be e.g: AAF - Movies vs Evanesence - Weight of the World and then winner of that stays on but again song would change

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That’s exactly what i said!

Gets furious Bender style, “I will start my own BOTS with h**kers and blackjacks.”


Yeh but i wont do a tourney, it will be winner stays on, up until I release B.O.T.S: OML


Hey somebody forgot to tag me :slight_smile:
I changed my nick, @acemasters :slight_smile:

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Re-added to the list :grin:

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Thanks :hugs:

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Hahaha nice one

Whatever you do, looking forward to the upcoming Battles :smile: @acemasters


Can I be part of that list too please?
I love this battle idea! :heart_eyes:

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Yeah I love this idea so may I be apart of this


Done and done


Thank you @acemasters :sparkling_heart::smile::sparkling_heart:

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Thank you!

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Loooool lmao :joy: you guys @amitrish and @acemasters - only thing on myside is: I neither understood the one nor the other :joy::rofl: but that’s my prob :sweat_smile:- looking forward to whatever league you are bringing up- cause it was and will be one thing for sure: fun and

I love to have you back here starscream :grin::blush:

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So this is how i become rich? By selling ideas that is not understood but is presumed to be fun? Hmmm. OK! Monies, here i come.