Avatar and Korra Fans go here

ok i bet you all have heard of avatar the last airbender, its AWESOME
now they made this new series called legend of korra
already 8 or 9 episodes out there and they are completely totally awesome if you ask me

if you have never heard off it and you like anime stuff you should look it up
avatar the last airbender used to be freaking popular here
and they also made a movie , with actuall real people in it
many say the movie was bad but i thought it was pretty good!

so if you love it too… which one is your fav character and what bending power would you like to have if it all was real? xD

i miss sokka and zuko, they my fav :smiley: and i love light bending, its the best!!

cannot wait for more episodes, although i heard they were only going to make 12 for korra… sad face
I WANT MORE EPISODES, going crazy here