No idea, but probably because of the last days … :roll_eyes:

Your daughter and her friend are going back home now soon and then I’ll probably get you back to sleep soon as though you’re not busy tonight

Being in charge is _______

Being in charge is for the best for you and me to get the people who are in the process of getting my father and grandmother to the doctor tomorrow morning at the latest so we can get together for a drink or two and then head to bed soon
(I guess they do need to see the doctor for their mental illnesses)

Mental illnesses _________

Post 800 - We make it grow :joy::joy:

And it would be good if they had treatment… :+1:t2:

Mental illnesses are still more than a few hours of rest can help you with the issues and I know exactly what you mean when you talk about it and you can count on my support for you to be able to make it work

Reflecting the _________

Reflecting the money for the car to get the people who have a great weekend to see if we can get the people to go back to my grandmother’s house and get her to the doctor tomorrow and she will be very grateful for the help and support :pray:
(If only…)

My grandmother _________

My grandmother :older_woman: is always the same way for me and you know what exactly I want to do with her and she just can’t remember what exactly she said about it

Dementia is ________

Dementia is not a good thing to have a great time with the family and friends and we can go from there to the doctor for my father and grandmother is not in the mood for anything else besides the fact that I am going to make sure that the only thing is that he is a terrible person to be around :rage:

Terrible person _________

Terrible person to be sorry to hear this dear friend I hope you have a blessed thanksgiving and hope you feel better soon

Thanksgiving ? :upside_down_face::joy:

Thank you __________

Thank you for all your help and support for the rest of my life with you and your family and friends and we can talk about this tomorrow morning and then we can go to Munich for dinner and a movie or something like that and then head to bed :sleeping:

Tonight __________

Tonight is the night to start a new life together with you and then we have dinner at home and then we go to pick up my daughter and then we will have a coffee and then we go back home

Back at home we ___________

Back at home we can get together for a drink or two and then I can go to bed soon :sleeping:

Migraine _________


Migraine is so bad omg :open_mouth: I hope that you feel better soon and I will be here for you

Going ti bed _________

Going to bed now and then we can call it a night :kissing_heart::blush:

Goodnight ________

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goodnight and you have a good night dear friend and sleep well

Good morning _________

Good morning Pat and your daughter is in the shower now so we can go back to sleep now

Still in dreamland ___________

Still in dreamland and it’s just close to the beach :beach_umbrella: I was really really impressed by this incredible experience here at the beach and I love :heart: the new day

With the new day ________

With this new day comes a new headache as well and I will have to go back to the doctor today for me to get to work on Monday so I can get the money for my life with you and your family and friends and we can talk more about this tomorrow morning at the latest

At the latest __________

At the latest I can have always been there to be happy and then we will always be there for tomorrow morning guys I love ya too see ya tomorrow night I’ll be there in a few hours

In a few hours____

In a few hours I will be in touch with you and your daughter and she will be a little bit late to get some sleep tonight and tomorrow night.
(I guess the autocomplete guesses that she goes to her friend’s house tonight and tomorrow night?)

Her friend’s house ___________

Her friends house is so nice and she is probably going to be happy with the rest of her friends and family and hugs to you all and hugs to you and your family…

When life leaves us blind _____

When life leaves us blind to see the movie and Britney was about to say that you are not going to make me cry more than you will ever can :sob:
(Lol Britney, why would @theearlywalker make me cry :joy::joy::joy:)

Britney _________