Australia - Brisbane memorial

Just forwarding information for memorial shared on LPFanCorner on twitter. Facebook link… Content Not Found


Any chance you have heard of anything happening in Sydney? Thanks

I will check. Only information is what I see on twitter from other people organising.

If you have twitter, follow LPFanCorner & LinkinParkAus. There are others on AU wanting to do one for Sydney.

Not on twitter, but thanks for letting me know. Pretty sure they have a Facebook page so will keep an eye on it.
Again thanks for the info.

For further updates please post on this thread

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Thank you

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This is great, Kiesha. Thanks so much for sharing the link. Almost 200 people are going or are interested in going now. See you on Sunday; I look forward to meeting you. x

I have been advertising this like crazy. Im really wanting everyone to get a chance to pay their respects, show their love and support and say goodbye. Its going to be a hard day. But I know with all the support we will get through this.