Auburn hill!

The concert was amazing and I got to to meet them!!!.Told rob he was hot and then got a drum stick at end of concert!!!Best time ever!Thanks for the splash of water Mike !lol

CONGRATS! Seriously jealous! Had a chance to meet them last year but didn’t check my email until the day after the show! Had found out I had been selected for the meet and greet and missed my chance. :frowning: Hopefully better luck this year! So good to hear LP taking time to always say hi to their fans even if they can’t get to them all!

i was there, too, and it was seriously the best ever. :3 i got selected for the M&G but i declined because i wasnt aware that the M&G took place during Incubus. seeing incubus was like super important, i love them to death and had never seen them live ha. so hopefully next time LP comes around to Detroit i’ll get another M&G and be able to meet them? ;D

but yeah dude seriously, amazing amazing show. LP never disappoints. Never.