Attention South African Fans!

So, I rate that we need to rally together and try and demand for BigConcerts SA to release a VIP Meet and Greet Package for us to buy, just so that we can see the guys. Even if the money goes to Music For Relief or something… I rate, it would be well worth it. Anyone else agree/would anyone else be willing to pay for something like that ?

I would really buy such a package!

Because my chances of getting into a Meet and Greet is slim to none! Seeing that there are 800 entries on the M&G raffel nowl

I’;ve sent an email to the customer care and to the people listed on the press release.

I doubt that it will happen… but lets hope!

I would most definately be interested. Lets get the ball rolling then.

Got an email back from them… Plz see below

Morning Llewellyn

Thank you so much for your email and we are so glad that you are such a huge LP fan! WRT meet and greet’s I am afraid this is run completely through LP management and never falls under the promoter ( this pertains worldwide). The promoter is only given a meet and greet for the sponsors and record company and this is limited to a handful of people.

We do however wish you luck and success in been drawn in the meet & Greet.

Best wishes

Dionne Domyan-Mudie

Thanks for the effort Llewellyn. I would also buy a package if it comes available.