ATS Part 2?

Ok so the whole point of this thread is to get an idea of who else thinks this would be a great idea.
I loved ATS, I actually feel it is just as good as Hybrid Theory IMO. They are both so amazing. I feel like HT kinda got a follow up with Meteora and since then they have been changing their sound with each new cd. I am all for that, where they are at with their music is just amazing. However I really feel like they could go back and do a follow up to ATS, a part 2 if you will or something more in line with Pink Floyds ‘The Wall’.
Bottom line is ATS is an amazing cd with such a unique sound that I feel it should be revisited, that or a sort of mix of ATS and LT.

Give me your thoughts on this subject and maybe, just maybe they’ll take some of the advice of what we would all want for the next LP cd.

(Also random question if anyone knows, will there be live downloands of the Honda Civic Tour? I went to the 8/24 show and it was their best yet and would really like to get the download when I can. Let me know, thanks.)

A Thousand Suns is my favorite album as well.

And yes, there will be live downloands of the Honda Civic Tour. Check the “tour” page on

I think LT is the continuation of ATS… ATS has awesome intro and awesome songs…If anyone has noticed in their making of ATS they had written hundreds of songs and i wish they could release them in their next Underground or just like that for their fans :smiley:

I want a LIVING THINGS part 2 if anything.