Art Show for USA

I think on the next tour LP should do something similar to what they did in Japan. It could be at the US Summit. I think a lot of people would participate & enjoy something like that. Thoughts?

I think that’s very good idea :slight_smile:

I agree. Since it is the bands home country and probably where the most LPU are, then it would be a very widely attended event :). It would be nice if it did happen, that discount tickets could go to anyone from Europe like Finland or Germany so it would make up for the big trip :D.

Great idea :DDD
Me being a european I think it should be in Europe lol :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be something special for the US members of LPU11. It just seemed like there was more stuff across the pond on last years tour & I think that it would just be something for the Summit. Help me get the word out…spread it all over your Linkin Park page if you think it’s a great idea!