Apparel at the current tour concerts

Is there a link to apparel for the current tour anywhere?

I’ve been selected for the meet & greet, but would have a stronger connection to apparel for the concert, to make the date itself more meaningful…but if it’s only tshirts then I’d want to make sure I had a poster on me so I had something for the band to sign.

At the shows I attended, there was t-shirts, a hoodie, posters, a water bottle and that was mostly it. There are multiple different t-shirts, only one LP hoodie and a few different posters. It’s pricey but good stuff.

for me, the stuff that they are selling at concerts are always overprized. go to the store or ebay. often you find some of those shirts for a lot less money

They do have a hoodie and I think a hat. Super over priced though. I gave in and spent $80 on merch alone at the concert though… $40 for the poster, $40 for the t-shirt. The thing is, some of the dates are missing on a few of the t shirts for some reason, so keep on the lookout for that.

Check out this thread. Has a picture of some of the shirts at the merch booth. When I went to the Camden show I didn’t go to the merch booth at all since I was on the line for the pit. I know for a fact that each show has its own unique poster that is only being sold at that show so that might be something you might want to get signed from the band if you chose that route.

The Posters at the concerts are different for each show. They are limited editions so if you can get your hands on one that would be cool. A different artist designs each poster.

Awesome. Thanks guys :slight_smile: Last few concerts I’ve been to (not LP) didn’t have tour posters, or any posters for that matter. I was starting to think it was coming down to hoodies/tshirts/ladies underwear (two this year had gstrings, but maybe that’s the ‘hair-band’ era thing to do)

$40 for a poster is crazy expensive, unless it’s a litho.

It is a litho, and it is printed on card stock. I ended up getting the one from the Tacoma show. As said before each show has a different one. the link below will show you what your poster looks like. only thing is if you are in the pit trying to keep it from getting messed up.

Thanks for the link! Wow, some truly awesome posters there. Totally appreciate that…it’s sometimes helpful to know if you need to bring a different colored pen for the band members to sign with.

The venue for tonight technically doesn’t have a pit (it’s a seated outdoor amphitheater) so there is a bit of safety from accidental crushing, but knowing it’s a litho and that I aim to get it signed at the M&G, I will call the venue to make sure I can take in a poster holder.

Thanks again for the info!!! :slight_smile: