Anyone selling these singles?

I’m looking to buy Given Up and New Divide, I’m really out of options to find them and they’re the only two singles I need. I’m wondering If anyone has them and is willing to sell them?


Check websites such as Ebay, Amazon, and Discogs. They should have them.

Hi. I’ve tried all 3, I found New Divide for £22 so that isn’t a huge concern, but Given Up was £130 :expressionless:

I may have this one for sale :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow didn’t know that lol Your best bet now is to look in the LP collectors thread here. Lots of people there with tons of items that they might be willing to sell.
Edit: Link to thread:

[quote=michalangelo]I may have this one for sale :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for this also!