Anyone know anything about setting up a skateboard?

Just lost my transportation for my job. Because of the distance and the path, a bike or skateboard would work; but my work won’t allow a bike inside and has no secure place to leave it.
So I’m going to get a board, but I’m wondering about good brands for the set up? I’m good with investing money in it.
Seems like there are a lot of options out there, and knowing virtually nothing besides the part names, I don’t want to make a mistake because an item is cheaper vs better made.
Thanks for any light you can provide!

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You’re in the wrong place mate :stuck_out_tongue: I’d try a skateboarding forum. I don’t know anything, sorry.

Yeah… If only I’d been asking this question ten years ago, right?
trying not to get into more internet groups than I have to… honestly they’re less use than you’d imagine, as I have discovered time and time again. Our town is drying up around here, a lot of stores being closed with no replacements, but my one hope is that the skate shop near me still exists. I’m already heading down there, but thought I’d throw it out there in case anyone had strong feelings. (cuz I’m sure this isn’t an exactly appropriate place to ask about instruments, either, but if I go posting about my BC Rich and heavy core strings, I’m gonna hear it from someone, I’m sure XP)

@howdoitellyou i havent skated in years, but when I was I would be using thunder trucks, bones bearings, and Plan B or Mystery decks. Other than that, my knowledge is slim