Anyone in the Forces?

I am in the Reserves, so was wondering…contract ending, but just got orders to get mobilized. Wondering if any LP fans getting mob’d too and to where. Can you PM me?? Thanks.

let the force be with u

I am just scared is all, it will be my first mob, and last bc my contract will expire shortly after. I am planning to take my mp3 player full of lp songs. Some bands have gone to the middle east to perform. I wonder if it was by special request.

i have no idea what u are talking about :3

[quote=intheend]i have no idea what u are talking about :3

In other words I mean is anyone in the military: national guard, navy , marines, air force…if someone else is getting deployed to the same place as me , maybe by special request we can ask for LP.

In other forums, I remembered seeing comments on people missing concerts because they were deployed, things of that nature.

Well. I ended my (mandatory) military service in 6th day in this month. But I don’t work in the army and the system is really different in Finland than in other countries. Oh you wanted a PM but I don’t know how I could help you. Sorry…

I’m not, tho I’m thinking about joining the Navy. My family is a big military family. My dad and my uncle retired from U.S. Navy. My younger brother wants to join the Marines, and if he doesn’t make it there, join the Rangers. My grandparents served in the army, my dad’s cousin was part of the Air Force. Needless to say I have a lot of military pride. [heart]