Any Footy Fans on LPU?

And no its not NFL.

I’m referring to the EPL, Budesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Eredvisie.

So who’s watching the Euro and which team are you following?

me TEAM ORANJE!!! Goooo!!! Hollands please beat Portugal!!!

Bundesliga. FC Bayern München

Tough luck on Hollands loss ! Germany are looking good this Euro

Petr Cech best goalkeeper :DD
I hope Czechia beats Portugal and wins the Euro

but I think Germany or Spain will win it

I don’t watch much football/soccer, but I prefer Premier League if I have to choose.

And of course I’m watching the Euro 2012. Unfortunately Denmark is out, so I’m rooting for Germany or Spain as the final winner. :slight_smile:

Yeh I’m a footy fan. I support Sheffield United from League 1 (a low league in England). Supporting England all the way - we can win it this year! Bad luck about Holland

I’m not normally a footy fan but have watched all of the games so far! I’m from England, so I want them to fin, but I’ve got a bet at work on Italy, so also kinda want them to win!

Love the game. Apart from world cup & euro, I follow the EPL, La Liga & of course UEFA.

I am rooting for Germany.

Die Mannschaft FTW.

Follow the Champions League , World Cup and the European Cup. [cool]

Because i’m Dutch, the Netherlands (Holland) off course but that doesn’t fit the query anymore. [sad]

But the German blood that (also) runs through my veins says that from now on i’m rooting for Germany, Die Mannschaft . [biggrin]

I’ve been interested in EURO2012 until all teams I’ve been into have failed :slight_smile:

Now I’m up for Germany probably. Don’t like Spain & Italy :0