An Idea for a New Interactive Contest

I have no clue if anyone has come up with this idea before, if so, I apologize, but I haven’t seen it.
My idea is that the LPU fans, or just Linkin Park fans in general, could have a contest with the merch designing 2 T-shirts. There’s a lack of female clothing in the merch store, so one of the winners would be the highest voted (actually, I hate voting) scratch that, best according to judges, design of a female T-shirt and the other winner would be the best male T-shirt. This could be held on DeviantART, as LP has a dA account and has used it for the Transformers contest in the past, and it’s a good way to get your work out there.


The winner(s) would receive a copy of their shirt and the shirt would be sold in the merchandise store. Maybe the winner(s) would even receive a percentage of the profit of the shirt. I dunno :stuck_out_tongue: Just an idea.

but dont think they would let us profit of the percentage they receive from them x]

I believe, rossi has been designing or how designed some stuff xD I love the idea so much! yours will work also!!! :smiley:
I have no idea f this works, but here is the email for it.

Yeah… Brilliant! We should do something with your idea maybe to pass to someone imporant from LPU.

Thank you guys :slight_smile: And yeah, I was just joking about the profit thing. But I think it’d get everyone’s attention and bring out everyone’s creative side, yeknow.