American Idol

Now, I only watch idol the first month or so when the do initial auditions. But i’m wondering, What song from Linkin Park would you choose and why?

If i could sing, mine would be Pushing Me Away- Milton Keynes. Just because it’s a slower pace version of the song that really exposes great lyrical notes.

I’d love to do No Roads Left because it’s one of their most powerful songs to me and filled with such emotion. The only problem is I can’t sing very loud so the chorus is tough!
Pushing Me Away from Live in Texas would probably be my second choice (not sure if that’s the same as the Milton Keynes one, I don’t have that CD yet)

Probably Shadow Of The Day but i can’t sing for shit

I`m singing , LP for sure, and I would choose One Step Closer, cause this song animates the public even most.

New Divide or The Catalyst.

hmm… I would choose shadow of the day!

All are great choices! Anyone know if anyone has ever done a LP song on Idol?

Prolly In Pieces, its got a great groove to it