Admiralspalast Stream 25th of June!

So guys, who else just finished watching the internet stream from the concert on the 5th of June?
I was there and the concert ROCKS :smiley:

Now my question: Did anyone record this in High Quality? I realize also that the concert will be in cinemas tonigh in the US, so maybe there will be a DVD?
Anyone got any ideas?


I was there too and it was great just like you sad!!!
Though I doubt that there will be a DVD I hope so, because PoA, Crawling and The Catalyst lacked in the stream :frowning:

Do you know if the DSP is already on

saw it too. We can see it for 100% on youtube in HQ. A DVD would be awesome with the full thing, also this + POA, Catalyst, Runaway, Crawling and some stuff before the show like the interviews with some fans.

the DSP is not out yet, but what makes me wonder is that all other DSP are out oO, i wasn’t hearing any problems at the show, why?

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can u post me a link to the video on YouTube please? :smiley: thanks!

it doesn’t up yet but i bet it’s landing on youtube with the time. The Pro 7 thing is up, you can watch this.
click here a friend is at 6:06 and my face at 6:10^^

[quote=The Big_D][/quote]

Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile: Will you tell me when the full concert is up? :smiley:

yeah, i have an eye on it.

the stream from 25th june is on youtube for a while… just type in “blackchester berlin” the first one will be the long stream…

I need a download…