2012 album artwork!

Warner Bros. Records announced that the album’s art will be released on April 16, 2012, the same day “Burn It Down” will be released!. So now we have even more to wait for :D.

Yeah! I hope the album artwork will be much better than the single’s art :slight_smile:

I hope it will be unique like HT and Meteora. Nothing significant at all about the last 2 album’s artwork.

if they already publish on Monday the artwork, It may also not be long until the album comes out :slight_smile: hopefully ^^

if the album’s artwork is gonna be like the burn it down cover its gonna be awesome …

album release should be in june … (i hope) (source: http://www.spin.com/articles/linkin-park-open-about-hybrid-vibe-june-album)

I’m very very very fucking excited!
Their artwork is always amazing :smiley: